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Founded in 1988 and based in Washington, DC, RUIC is a national leader in providing unemployment cost control services to business of all sizes. With years of experience in working with employers to design and administer unemployment cost control programs, our founders set out to develop a program that combines experience, knowledge, technology, and a commitment to providing excellent service and demonstrated results.

RUIC Staff
Each and every member of the RUIC staff brings to the table experience, knowledge, and a dedication to excellence. Our program staff average 15 years of claims, hearings, tax, and account management experience. Our network of independent hearings professionals are carefully chosen based on background, experience, and client satisfaction. We thoughtfully nurture our relationships with staff and consultants and they in turn bring the same care and enthusiasm to their relationship with clients.

RUIC Approach
It is our philosophy and practice to develop and utilize the skills and abilities of both our people and technologies. Every job should be a job well done. We take the time to mold our programs to fit into your business structure in a manner that ensures efficient and seamless flow of information.

We recognize the fact that each and every claim filed by a former employee represents a potential liability to your business. Responding to a claim consists of more than a check mark in a box. Our professional claims staff will compile the facts and present a clear and focused response, which provides the state agency with the information necessary to return a response favorable to your interests.

Representation at hearings consists of more than simply assigning the case to hearings representative. Advocacy of your position requires information, preparation, and strategy. Your RUIC hearing professional will evaluate the facts, devise a strategy, and present the case in a winning manner.

The hallmark of our success is the relationship we build with our clients. Unemployment cost reduction is the end result of what we do. We attain that goal by taking our knowledge, skill and technology and applying them to your business structure and culture.

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